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BSG fleece

It followed me home from BSG yesterday. How could I say no?

My Romney

Flock and Fiber news

Hi there. I heard back from Brandy, the director last year who is also the director this year! Sounds like the festival is on!

Hi Ann!

I'm still the Festival Director. I don't know...I guess it's just
addictive! Anyway, I can't seem to let it go. :)

Yes, I know we have a terrible lag on our web site up date. I'm not
competent to fix it myself, or I might give it a go.

The catalog is at the printer now and should be mailed this week. I'm just
finishing the mailing list up-date today, so if you aren't on the list, send
me your postal address and I'll be sure you get one.


Black Sheep Gathering

Woot! I just helped the organizer of the fleece competition do some final preparations for BSG next week. Over 460 fleeces have been entered. A large percentage of those are for sale. We have entries from as far away as Iowa. Holy mackerel.

Is anyone going besides me?

New friend

So guess who ended up with a new spinning wheel after spending the weekend away fiber lusting?

Yes, me.

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(posted also in my journal)


Who: dyelots! (Janis Thompson) http://www.blossomskincare.com/Dyelots.html
What: Fibers, classes, dye supplies, dye kitchen, patterns, inspiration, encouragement (lots of info on the website)
When: Wednesdays 10-6 and Saturdays 11-4
Where: 1465 West 11th, Eugene, OR

I like to support Janis and Janis LOOOOOVES to support my fiber habit. dyelots! is where I did this: One pound There are other shops in town that do pieces of what Janis does, but no one does it all like she does. She's like the clearing house of local fiber information too.


Retail therapy.  Stash enhancement.  Fiber fondling.  We all do it.  What I want to know is where?  Where do you get your local fix? Where do you indulge the fiber pixies?  When we get some names, we can start listing them as individual posts.  If you want to go ahead and post your favourite store, please remember our format.  (This will make it easier to collate this info later, should we decide we want to.)

Subject Line: Merchant Name
Who: Merchant Name
What: Fiber particulars (spinning/weaving/knitting/crocheting/felting/classes/etc)
When: Hours of operation
Where: Location

Maybe I should put together a Pacific Fiber flyer for folks to hand out.  That way we could put local people in touch with one another.  Hmm.

ETA:  If you'd rather just post in comments here until we get all the details of your favourite shops, please feel free.


ADMIN: Can you see the Pacific?

I've added British Columbia and Baja to the profile.

I'd make it the entire Pacific Rim, but that violates my two simple criteria: a) Is it reasonably near the Pacific Ocean? and b) Can I drive there? Theoretically?

Besides, New Zealand would probably just taunt us with pretties.

ETA: read the comments of this post to see some excellent links to fiber arts in Alaska, which, theoretically, we could drive to from the West Coast. Theoretically.


Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

What: Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival
Who: http://www.flockandfiberfestival.com/
Where/When: September 2007, Canby, OR

They don't have the new information for 2007 up yet, but I'm told it's the same weekend in September always. Keep watching the website for more info.

I went last year and had a great time. I bought Birdie, my spinning wheel, at this festival. Outdoor and indoor booths, animal shows, good community feel.

Santa Monica Fiber Festival

What: Santa Monica Fiber Festival
Who : here 
Where: Santa Monica, CA
When 17-19 August 2007
Why: Michael Cook of Wormspit, Judith MacKenxie McCuin and lots more cool classes. 
         this is a great even to come to if you can.


What: Lamb town
Who: http://www.lambtown.com/info.html#
Where: Dixon CA
When 28-30 July
Why: National Spinning contest and Vendors/ Classes
I think they are revampling the site for this year, but the genral info doesn't change that much. The contest give away a wheel!